Allred on White

I have recently learned the extent that the name Gloria Allred really riles people up. It seems that people either love or hate her. Whether you agree with her stance on Sexism or Feminism, she happens to be a very nice, cooperative and pretty woman that was a pleasure to be around. Now let me put a bit of a stipulation on that statement. People are usually pretty agreeable with me because I have the power to make them look good or bad, so our encounter may have been a lot different if I met her in court, but the fact still remains that I really liked her.

I showed up at the set of her show and was able to overhear some of the “Wapner-esque” cases while we were setting up. It was like a flashback to doing my homework in 7th grade and People’s Court blasting from the living room as my dad ate half a gallon of ice cream while doing sit-ups or something like that. We had to set up silently because of the sound recording, which is pretty much impossible since everything I bring to a shoot has velcro, zippers, or many metal moving parts. We managed to keep the racket down and get the seamless set up behind the scenes. When the filming was over we got to meet Gloria on the set. She was really down to earth and was up for anything. She wanted to try a couple of outfits which never happens on quick shoots, so I was ecstatic. Her suits were impecable. She was very easy to photograph because of the fact that she enjoyed every minute of it. She danced from hair and makeup to the set. I think that she wanted to be a dancer rather than a lawyer, but I could be wrong. At any rate, she looked striking. Click here to read the article.

Here are a couple of outtakes that I liked. She looks so different when she isn’t smiling. I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with her:


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